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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 12:53

Wayne County Spring Clean up

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Wayne County’s PRIDE Coordinators plan April Spring Cleanup

MONTICELLO, KY — Wayne County’s local PRIDE Coordinators are looking for volunteers to pick up litter during the 20th annual PRIDE Spring Cleanup Month in April.

“This will be the 20th anniversary of the Spring Cleanup, and we want to invite all Wayne County residents to help us celebrate,” said Tammie Wilson of PRIDE, which is the nonprofit organization that organizes the Spring Cleanup across 42 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky.

“Since the first Spring Cleanup in 1998, 433,460 people have volunteered with PRIDE, and more than 850,000 bags of trash and 970,000 tires have been pulled from our landscape,” Wilson said. “Those are amazing numbers, but our region always needs one more volunteer: you!”

“If you want your community to look its best, and if you like to spend time outside with friends and family, then volunteer during the Spring Cleanup,” she added. “You can work with your PRIDE Coordinator to clean an area important to you, or you can join Spring Cleanup event already planned for your community. PRIDE will provide the trash bags, safety vests and gloves for Spring Cleanup volunteers.”

In Wayne County, Tim Bell is the PRIDE Coordinator. Savannah Stephenson is the City of Monticello PRIDE Coordinator.

“I want to thank Tim and Savannah for their service,” Wilson said.

PRIDE Coordinators are volunteers who are appointed by mayors and judge-executives. They work with the PRIDE staff to organize cleanup activities, recruit volunteers and track cleanup results.

PRIDE Coordinators now are planning local Spring Cleanup activities. They will schedule cleanups and recruit volunteers to participate. They also will assist volunteers who want to plan their own cleanups.

To become a Spring Cleanup volunteer, please call Wayne County PRIDE Coordinator Tim Bell at 606-348-4241. In Monticello, please call Savannah Stephenson at 606-348-5719.

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